Nice plugins:

Playlist Undo Functionality
Close Winamp after current Song
Shutdown PC at end of playlist
Drag & Drop with other programs, not tested yet
Autostart at last position

MiniLyrics - Auto Lyrics Download, most LRC Files with Timecodes (Scrolling with Song)
Modern Bento - WA5 "Bento" Skin for WA3+ with seperated MediaLibrary/Playlist/Player v1.1 (26.02.2009)

Title Format:

With constant width font, e.g. courier new, use
[$upper($cut(%artist%,40))]$if2( $repeat(.,$max(1,$add(-$len(%artist%),41))) %title%,$filepart(%filename%))
Decrease 40 & 41 in the same way to your needs.
Für den Wagen: [$upper($cut(%artist%,20))]$if2( $repeat( ,$max(1,$add(-$len(%artist%),21))) : %title% [ '['%album%']'] ,$filepart(%filename%))

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